Consumers usually have two tactics for finding service providers. They may ask their friends and family for recommendations, but they will almost always search for a handyman, mechanic, plumber, landscaper, pest control expert, and any other service provider they may need by typing a few keywords into Google. Those keywords can be optimized by you to attract more of the right customers to your business. 

An internet search has become the go-to tool of consumers everywhere, but in an endless sea of Google and Yelp reviews and search engine options, you want your business to be the only viable option. In order to do that, you need to optimize how people find you

You can start by thinking about that Google search. Often, a consumer’s searches look something like this: 

“Pest control near me” 

“Best mechanics in the Treasure Valley”

“Chimney experts”

When they type these words into a search engine, the results they see may appear random, but there’s actually carefully coordinated research going on in the background to direct these consumers. Location tools built into search engines have a targeted approach driving local consumers to the businesses that are near them, but SEO pushes some businesses to the top of that list. 

Many people understand the concept of SEO but falter on execution. SEO is a tool used by search engine bots to determine which landing pages — businesses or publications — a consumer sees. These bots comb through every word on your website, looking for keywords that make you credible and worthy of a viewer’s time. There’s a science to SEO that drives the traffic you need to your site. 

But driving traffic to your webpage is just half the battle. You could have the best product or offer the greatest customer service, but if customers can’t find you, all the hard work and long hours you put into your business won’t matter. 

Having proper SEO is what pushes a consumer toward you

Think about your service area. Regardless of how many competitors you have, you’re competing in that Google search. You need quality SEO-focused content that will drive consumers to your services, rather than your competitors. 

Your content can meet SEO requirements by being relevant, high-quality, and easy-to-read. Bots love repetitive words — but not too repetitive — and succinct thoughts. This requires content that is…

  • Carefully curated
  • Relevant and reoccurring
  • Updated regularly
  • Credible 
  • Industry-focused
  • Keyword optimized 

Search engines and localization tools ensure only customers in your region find you, but SEO-driven content allows you to stand out in a randomized Google Search. Partnered with great testimonials and other useful marketing tools, SEO can be a powerful component to make you the most sought-after local service provider. 

If you’re ready to partner with a team of experts to create a powerful web presence that incorporates SEO and other influential processes into a comprehensive marketing plan, contact Eagle Hills Marketing today.

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